Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to make the grand announcement at a gender reveal?  Here are some different ideas for you.

P.S. We are very good at keeping your news a secret!



For an easy and effective DIY option, try Holi Powder Cannons.  Holi powder is non-toxic, made using natural ingredients such as corn starch, dyed in a range of bright colours using food dye. Our gender reveal powder cannons are made using a cardboard tube, which is powered by compressed air to shoot either blue or pink Holi Powder.

Gender reveal cannons are widely popular and an ideal way of announcing the gender of your baby. You may have watched a range of gender reveal videos on YouTube or circulating on the internet – most of which include some kind of gender reveal cannon. At DazzleFX, we offer powder-filled gender reveal cannons for a fun and colourful celebration. Start the new phase of your life surrounded by your loved ones and those who matter most, using our gender reveal cannons to create a joyful moment everyone can enjoy! For more information on holi powder gender reveal cannons, contact our team today.

Holi Powder Smoke Cannons


Gender Reveal Daytime Fireworks

To really build up the anticipation, a quick fireworks display works a treat!  We have options for indoor and outdoor, daytime or night time.  There is a range of pyrotechnic products available which are safe and suitable for close proximity events such as gender reveals.

Gender reveal fireworks are a unique idea that will set your event apart from all others. We offer various formats and displays, as both our indoor and outdoor options are widely popular. Create a stunning display to welcome the new chapter of your life and celebrate with all your family and friends. We offer traditional yet extravagant fireworks displays for outdoor parties as well as more customised packages for when you want to dazzle your guests inside the comfort of your home. With stunning colours available, including the usual pink and blue, you’ll be able to commemorate this special day in style. For more information on gender reveal fireworks, contact us today.


For something different, coloured smoke columns can really add some excitement to a gender reveal. We can provide indoor or outdoor SPFX in either pink or blue to help make your gender reveal memorable.

If you’ve been looking for a twist on a smoke bomb reveal, our coloured smoke columns are just what you’re looking for! Using our SonicBoom machines we create an impressive coloured smoke reveal with fog juice, similar to a CO2 jet burst.

Different from your traditional smoke bombs or smoke emitters which use coloured smoke, our smoke columns use the fog and back lighting to reveal your baby’s gender in a quick burst (not like smoke bomb reveals that can take time to build up). Our coloured smoke columns are handled similar to your smoke bomb reveal and can be set up in your preferred location easily. You can even pair coloured smoke columns with our sparkular machines or fireworks (including close proximity fireworks for daytime or night time events) for a more exciting effect.

Gender Reveal Coloured Smoke


Gender Reveal Daytime Fireworks

These large air cannons can be used just about anywhere outdoors, and are perfect for daytime events where fireworks are just not possible. The crew will arrive onsite with them preloaded with pink or blue. The parents-to-be then get to press the Big Red Button and announce to everyone the gender of the new family member.


When it comes to creating your perfect gender reveal party, you can count on the team at DazzleFX for all special effect supplies. Gender reveals are an exciting guessing game that requires creative and exceptional displays.

Hence, at DazzleFX, we offer a range of gender reveal displays in Sydney and surrounds, including cannons, fireworks, smoke bombs, and much more. When you team up with us, we promise a memorable gender reveal celebration that you will remember fondly forever.

Some of the reasons as to why you should choose us for your gender reveal needs include:

  • We are passionate about gender reveals and helping you create the perfect event
  • We have produced stunning gender reveal displays entailing fireworks, cannons, and smoke bombs
  • Our team is highly experienced
  • Safety is our number one priority
  • Our gender reveal services in Sydney will help you commemorate this special time in your life


For more information on gender reveal displays in Sydney, including our variety of options, contact us today or call us on 1300 467 976.


We are very good at keeping your little secret. Typically, we get notified of the gender via your Doctor, Sonographer, or close friend and no one else will know until you are ready to tell them.