Having gender reveal fireworks at gender reveals which can also include cannons or daytime fireworks or night time fireworks or coloured smoke. Blue or pink? Learning the gender of a baby is a very exciting moment even for family and friends of the parents-to-be. Creative gender reveal fireworks have become increasingly popular among couples who want to find out the gender of their baby before birth. Some parents-to-be are throwing gender reveal parties through the day or night fireworks to find out the sex of their baby in a unique way, such as having their loved ones cover them in powder paint. A gender reveals party is a gathering of family and friends where the couple reveals the sex of their baby in a creative way. Guests attending the party are typically not expected to bring a gift for the parents-to-be or the baby. The gender reveals party is simply a way for couples to celebrate with their loved ones while enjoying a slice of pink or blue cake, or daytime firework or night time fireworks.

Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to make the grand announcement at a gender reveal?  Here are some different ideas for you.

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For an easy and effective DIY option, try Holi Powder Cannons.  Holi powder is non-toxic, made using natural ingredients such as corn starch, dyed in a range of bright colours using food dye. Our gender reveal powder cannons are made using a cardboard tube, which is powered by compressed air to shoot either blue or pink Holi Powder.

Holi Powder Smoke Cannons


Gender Reveal Daytime Fireworks

To really build up the anticipation, a quick fireworks display works a treat!  We have options for indoor and outdoor, daytime or night time.  There is a range of pyrotechnic products available which are safe and suitable for close proximity events such as gender reveals.


For something different, coloured smoke columns can really add some excitement to a gender reveal. We can provide indoor or outdoor SPFX in either pink or blue to help make your gender reveal memorable.

Gender Reveal Coloured Smoke